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Home Why Callenstitch General Info Price List Contact Us

Contract Embroidery Contract Embroidery Wholesale Prices

Up to 5000 Stitches:
  • 1-11 Units: $9.93 (E)
  • 12-23 Units: $5.71 (E)
  • 24-71 Units: $3.93 (E)
  • 72-143 Units: $3.36 (E)
  • 144-575 Units: $2.86 (E)
  • 576+ Units: $2.43 (E)
Each Additional 1000 Stitches:
  • 1-11 Units: $0.57 (E)
  • 12-23 Units: $0.43 (E)
  • 24-71 Units: $0.36 (E)
  • 72-143 Units: $0.36 (E)
  • 144-575 Units: $0.36 (E)
  • 576-999 Units: $0.36 (E)
An administrative charge of $10 will be applied to orders under 24 units not placed online or via electronic feed.

Production Time and Rush Charges: Normal production time is five business days. Order timetable begins when we receive order confirmation/approval and all garments are received. Digitizing new designs also requires three business days from receipt of artwork. A rush charge of 25% or minimum of $25.00 will be applied to orders needed in less than five business days. A 50% rush charge or $50 minimum, will be applied for a same day turnaround

Logo Setup and Service Charges (tape charges): $35.00 for logo's below 5000 stitches; $5.00 per thousand above it. Customers may download digitized designs online at any time free of charge. Typesetting/Lettering or use of stock designs is $25.00. It is also offered self-service and free online at CallenStitch.com. Callenstitch is not responsible for quality of embroidery using outside designs (not digitized by Callenstitch). Outside designs must be uploaded and saved with Madiera thread colors. Proof are suggested but not required. All proofs will be charged accordingly.

Product Proofs: A swatch will be provided with new digitized designs free of charge. Additional swatches and product proofs will be charged $10.00 each.

Thread Color Schemes: One order includes one thread color scheme. Additional thread schemes are $5.00 each.

Hats and Flats: cannot be run together, thus are considered separate orders.

Personalizations: $8.00 (E) each and $9.33 (E) for name and title. Hat backs (text only) are $1.78 (E) each if accompanied by a hat front logo. Otherwise, cost will be priced according to stitch count.

Polybag Charge: $0.25 per unit.

Shipping and Handling: Shipping charge includes one ship location. Each additional location will be assessed a $5.00 handling charge. All third party shipping will incur a handling charge of $2.00 per box or a minimum of charge of $4.00. Large towels, bathrobes, blankets, 3 in 1 jackets (if both inner and outer shell need to be embroidered)...etc will incur an upcharge of $1.00 per unit for handling.

Industry Standard: allows for up to 2% spoilage.
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